Styles for List view in Android

In the previous examples i have shown you how to make list view with with custom adapter class and  list view with check box and also solved check box issue with list view. but in both tutorial my list view is simple i mean no styles on it to give it elegant look.  To make List view more attractive and funky or simple and sharp like Google now you can apply your imagination on it. In this tutorial I will show you how to apply styles for each row item of list view and how to apply different styles for alternative row of list view. 

1. Simple style for List view

Styles for List view in Android



2.Alternative layout for List item

Styles for List view in Android




3.Round Corner Style for List item

Styles for List view in Android





In the above three diffrent styles i have only upload code for xml file of background. you have to set these xml file as background property of your root layout. as i have told you earlier it is based on your imagination and try and error bases. so you have to explore it as per your requirement. hope this code will help you.
if you have any doubts or query then comment in below comment section.
Keep coding and cheers .....

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