How to Open SQLite Database File ??

Well you have done all procedure for creating database and add entry but when you fetch records there is no record found so how you overcome this problem ?  or How to get Database file from my project in eclipse ? there are many question around it(Same questions) and today in this tutorial(For android) I am going to show you how and which tool you can use. Sql lite browser  is best and open source tool which you can use to open your database file. But how you find your database file. 

OK I am gone show you step by step procedure which you can follow to find your data base file and open it in this tool so you can find your problem solution. Lets say you have problem or error say no table or view find so you can open database file and can see which table or view exist. Sqllite browser tool allow you to perform all operation over database like insert, update , delete and fire trigger or procedure over database.

  • Start your emulator (it is must).
  • Now to get your database file open DDMS view in eclipse and go to file explorer Tab .
  • In data/data find your application folder (name is same as your package name).
  • In your package folder  go to database folder where you find your database file just like this image (1 in image).

  • To export it click on first option of the menu (2) and export it to the desktop or any where you want.
  • Now download sqlite browser from here.
  • Now extract it from zip file using and extractor (7zip,winrar).
  • Run sqlite.exe given in folder now drag your data base file in it.
  • It will look like below image.

As you can see it display all tables and View available in my db file. So now you can find out what mistake you have done in database coding and can solve your error. You can also find Tutorial on database which cover all operations. 
If you have any query post it into the below comment section.
Keep coding and cheers …  


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